The Galapagos Islands are for sure one of the most exclusive and exotic destinations in the world. Its attractiveness as an archipelago is not only the beauty of its volcanic formations but also the immense wildlife and bio diversity found in this pristine environment. Visiting this natural paradise with evolution taking place each day is without a doubt a high priority for all nature lovers in the world but due to the restricted spaces for visitors, arranging your visit can be a little challenging. For this reason we want to be your travel consultants and make things easier for you by looking for availability in the most exclusive boats and hotels throughout the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador and just by organizing an unforgetable vacation for you and your family.

We use the word exclusive as a way to describe the services provided by our company which is committed to go beyond your expectations by doing great things happening during your visit in this country that will make you feel in love of its people, its millenarian cultures and traditions and its unique landscape filled of nature, mountains, wildlife and love. This is the reason why with Exclusive Galapagos Cruises LLC your visit to the Galapagos Islands is just exclusive.

The M/Y Eric is the first Hybrid boat in the Galapagos

EQ TOURING and Exclusive Galapagos Cruises LLC, announce that ERIC motor yacht now sports a new sustainability technology heretofore.  The M/Y ERIC has become the first hybrid energy tour boat in the Galapagos following a $100,000 installation of 40 solar panels and two wind turbines on the upper deck. The work that began in October 2008 also included replacing canvas awnings with a hard fiberglass top for structural support. The goal is for the solar panels and wind powered generators to provide enough power to initially support approximately 17 percent of the energy formerly produced by two carbon fuel-based generators. This project was financed through a partnership with Toyota, a supporter of the World Wildlife Fund. The target goal is to have full fleet implementation by 2011.

M/Y Eric

Toyota’s involvement with the Galapagos Islands began in 2001, when the company partnered with the World Wildlife Fund to help conserve the Islands’ unique ecosystem. Toyota has since supported and/or funded many projects and programs in the Galapagos Islands. These include a redesign of the main fuel-handling facility on Baltra, renewable- energy teacher education workshops, oil and municipal recycling programs and the refitting of this touring yacht, M/Y Eric with solar panels and wind turbines. Community education and outreach have been key components of all projects.

Feel free to contact a Galapagos Destination Specialist for your free Galapagos trip quote. CONTACT US.


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